Thursday, March 29

Tuesday, March 27

All You Need is Laugh

It took me about 140 images to make this video. I used Adobe After Effect and Adobe Premiere Pro to composite the images and the song. I'm inspired by a 'SMile Campaign' at my campus and a phrase 'All you need is laugh'.

Sunday, March 25

Formal Event Moslem Maxi Dress

My Look
Laces Blue Hijab Tanah Abang
Muslim Maxi Dress Gaudi
Black Cardigan Chic Simple
Black Cut Out Heels Nine West

Friday, March 23

Siti Juwairiyah

She is a graphic designer and fashion blogger from Jakarta. Love her style, I would wear her looks.

Thursday, March 15

Bantimurung Waterfall

Its a gorgeous waterfall at Makassar, Celebes. I love the scenery there, so natural. The air is so fresh I just wanna breath and suck the air in as much as I can. The sound of the waterfall is relaxing. Some people were actually jumping into the stream and the they were swimming, I wish I could swim too but I didn't bring any other clothes for changing. There's a lot of butterfly around the waterfall, and there's also a museum of butterfly, so many people are selling butterfly souvenirs, which is sad, because it means that they catched then killed those butterfly then put them them onto boxes or frames so they could sell them. Well, It's great to escape a while from a crowded city where I live in and could experience natural stuff like this, very rejuvenating.
Hijab Tanah Abang
Maxi Dress Top Shop
Oversized Bag Dorothy Perkins
Braided Belt Top Shop

Saturday, March 10

Black Widow

For a casual and glamour look, I created a muslim look on with black maxi dress, printed hijab, black cardigan, and all the black accessories. Love the shoes, you can se it's a combination of stiletto and wedges all at once.

Wednesday, March 7


This is sibel and monkey hat. Sibel is the white Teddy Bear I gave to my boyfriend as an apology because I did a mistake to him (its a secret, though :p). He called that doll Sibel, stand for Si Nyebelin, its in Indonesian language that means 'The Brat' because he considered me as little brat to him. Well, the name that he called the doll with is a little annoying but its still cute though. And the monkey hat I gave to him when he was going to go to his grandmother house at Salatiga before Idul Fitri. One day he wanted to buy a tiger hat, but I didn't let him, then I felt bad about it. So I just gave him a new one.
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