Saturday, December 22

Boyfriend's Blazer

I went to Braga, Bandung for a short vacations, I stayed at a friend of mine's house. I love this beautiful city, there are old buildings, so many beautiful cafe, street food stalls, just the right place to have some exciting culinary experience and a unique picture to have a little photoshoot.

Saturday, December 1

Getting Peachy

I bought this maxi dress at none clothing, it's a new brand of moslem wear created by dua young designers. I love the color and the prints, unexpectedly, the price is also not expensive at all. Couldn't resist and bought the dress immediately. I wanna wear it to a beach and have my boyfriend take some pictures of me sometimes later.

Saturday, November 24

Hijab Directory

I was looking for the right hijab style for my graduation day, and I found some cute ones that i liked. And the experience of looking for hijab style, while there no website that really provide a whole lot of style of hijab with a good photography, gave me the idea to make a hijab style directory and also the full tutorial. I think I'm gonna make that one day, hopefully. That kind of website is something that everyone would wanna look at when they need idea of what kind of hijab style that will suit them for a party, weddings, graduations, and other occations.

Friday, November 16

Black and Gold

I was at my niece's "Lala" Wedding at Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta. The wedding was really beautiful, the decorations full of white flowers and crystals with accents of Minangkabau culture, which we got from my father's family. The color theme was so elegant and dreamy, silver, white, purple and baby pink. Me and my sister 'Nadia' is wearing black and gold, black maxi dress, gold accessories and shiny gold / bronze hijab. We tried to strive for classy and elegant :)

Thursday, October 11

Cambridge Bag

I'm in love with these bag I found at the fashion thesaurus, and i'm thinking to order a custom madeof cambridge bag with quality skin at Bandung. I need to decide which model that i want to make. Help me! haha..

Saturday, September 15

Georges Chakra Fall-Winter 2012-2013

What I love about Georges Chakra's dresses is that the designs are dreamy, imaginative, elegant, and edgy.

Monday, September 10

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