Friday, December 23

Wednesday, December 7


Muslim fashion with Looklet, mix match of blouses + hijab / scarf. Love this site.

Thursday, December 1

Wednesday, November 23

Nadia Sabrina R

She's a hijab fashion lover from Kuala Lumpur. I love her looks and the way she use her shawl.

Wednesday, November 9

Dizi Bear

This is Dizi Bear. He love to snuggle. He was a gift from my boyfriend, we are on a long distance relationship, we only see each other only once a month T_T He gave Dizi Bear to me so he can put me to sleep and accompany me everywhere. Love :* Shot by Canon G11.

Monday, November 7

Shabby Chic

I just found this really cute decoration blog by Rachel Ashwell, click this link . Look at this gorgeous home decor, I really wanna have my own house and decorate it like this.

Tuesday, November 1

Bride's Maids

These are the bride's maid's look from my cousin's 'Sheila' wedding. Peach toned long dresses and traditional dresses. It was fun :)

Sunday, October 30

Vintage Store

I found this really chic and vintage online store Chicwish . Lots of laces, flower pattern, nude colours, vintage dresses, etc. Love love love it!

Thursday, October 27

Bold Red Wedding

This is my cousin's wedding, Sheila. I'm surprised with her dress and his hubby's suit. Such a brave choices, just right to represent her character, which is brave and outspoken. Wish the best for you both and I hope I would see a baby soon :)

Tuesday, October 25

100 years fashion

Such a fun summary of "100 years fashion" or "A century fashion". Made me realize how fast and creative fashion world is. I wonder how many outfits they need to make this video. I'm so inspired, I wanna make a video like this, but the title's gonna be "100 years Indonesia's fashion".

Sunday, October 23

Flower Prints

I wore this at the final of Shell Live Wire Business Start Up Award 2011 at Metro TV Studio. Congrats for All the winners! All of their product are great, and I get so much inspiration from their passion to entrepreneurship, how they struggle trough hard times, creativity and the way they live life. Great people, great work :)
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