Monday, September 20

Its me! on a simple day out with a friend. :-)

Idul Fitri #3

This is my sister Meza as you have seen on the posts before. Love the color of her turqoise dress and love the embroidery :-)

Idul Fitri #2

This is my second older sister Icha, she graduated from Sekolah Bisnis Manajemen (SBM) ITB last year, then she went to Brighton UK for exchange student and internship for 3 months, she had a blast meeting international people and got a lot of international friends. Now she just got a job on MAP fashion, it's like every girl dream to work in there (or at least I do). She got placed on 'Zara' Plaza Indonesia, which every girls dream too to work around vintagy clothes in there. And actually today is her first day of work! Congrats!

Idul Fitri 1431 H

Taqobbalallahu minni wa minkum
Minal aidin wal faidzin
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin yaa!

Maaf yaa belum update blog ini untuk beberapa lama, salah satunya karena lebaran, sibuk keliling-keliling ke rumah saudara, ke Bandung, tempat nenek aku. Terus dilanjut liburan bareng keluarga ke Anyer. It was pretty good :-) Keluargaku udah jarang banget bisa liburan bareng karena pada sibuk dan ga pernah ada waktu ngumpul barenag, jadi waktu liburan selama 2 hari kemarin cukup berharga.

Anyways, aku mau share baju apa yang aku dan kakakku pakai pas lebaran. Kita bertiga pakai baju lama, ga ikutan tradisi "Lebaran harus beli baju baru" :-). Intinya lebaran kan saling bermaafan dan sambung silahturahmi sama keluarga, so baju baru is not so important anymore. We grew up :-p

First, I'll share my 'Idul Fitri Looks', and my sisters looks will be on the next posts. Supaya ga bingung nyusun postnya hehe

Monday, September 6


Cardigan is a must-have item if you're wearing a jilbab, you would it need when you use a tank top, a t-shirt, or an armless top, and I need to have these cardi(s)!

Maxi Dress

Here, we totally can use maxi dress with jilbab. Even the dress is long and kind of heavy, I want it to look light, so I'm not putting too much layers and use a light fabric jilbab.

Casual Look

Hey, how are you guys?
I just couldn't sleep and loving my new favourite hobby: blogging. I like it to arrange a page, adding some gadgets to it, mix-matching looks, and I would love to read comments from you guys about my posts. My goal for this blog is to be a famous muslim fashion blog, someday, and this blog would be a hub for ladies around the world would submit their looks, favourite outfits, or any ideas that would inspire muslim girls about their fashion choices. Amin.

Now I'll post a look of my sister Meza when she's about to go out with her friends on sat-nite. She wore a lot of black, and little pop of turquoise.

Casual Work Look

Guys, this is my sister Meza before going to work, she's working at a lawfirm, pretty serious job, but her work outfit is pretty simple and casual. I like it that she's using little cute belt and used one tone - grey colour.


I Looooove both these looks I made at!
Today I started to mix and match some Muslim Looks, and it''s so addictive I just couldn't stop, I spend a couple hours doing it (my bad, shouldn't spend that much time).

Well, I'm still on my holiday though, so doing things I like and slacking is alright sometimes. I made these beautiful vintage looks, with nude colors, my fave.

Saturday, September 4

Looklet Muslim Fashion

My first mix and match post would be the looks that i made at
It's a really fun and addicting site about mix and matching tops, pants, skirts, dresse, accessories, shoes, bags, even underwear! They got soooo many beautiful stuff that would make any girl jealous. I tried to make some muslim everyday looks.

Actually I already got some looks of me and my sister that I've been collecting for this blog, but I need a little photoshop-ing to fix the lighting and the details.

So what do you think about these ladies? :-)

You guys can check out my creations on my profile on :-)

Friday, September 3

Why I Made This Blog?

Kenapa saya membuat blog ini?

I made this blog for girls that wearing JILBAB /scarf like ME.

Sometimes, I feel like wearing jilbab is hard, one of the reasons is because somehow I can't wear any kind of clothes I want because I got to cover my aurat. I've been having a hard time chosing which outfit I should wear, what color, how to mix the clothes with jilbab, even just for everyday outfit to go to campus.

That's why, mungkin beberapa dari teman-teman yang memakai jilbab juga merasakan hal yang sama, (is there any? :-p). Saya ingin menyediakan tempat dimana muslimah bisa mendapat inspirasi tentang fashion yang dapat diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, mix-match baju + sepatu + accessories + jilbab yang saya sukai.

What about my style?

My style is simple, basic, natural, light, feminine, and pretty much anything comfortable but fashionable. I don't wanna look like I spend too much time on my wardrobe. I love laces on my clothes, cute tops, and light thin fabrics. I don't like too much layering because it looks too heavy and it's 'hot' (literally), especially in Jakarta.

For colors, I like nude colors. I have so many white, cream, and light brown clothes.

Yap, that's preety much why I made this Sisterhood Fash!
I hope you guys can enjoy this! :-D
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